Why Should I Engage in Outdoor Recreation Activities?

travel account 2Activities such as walking, bird watching, kayaking and camping all make you feel happier while appreciating the beauty that we often forget during our busy hours at the office. Nowadays the stress level has increased so much in everyone’s life that everyone, without exception, deserves a small break to get rid of this stress. Sometimes a small walk in the park will do the trick and can lighten up your tensions and make you feel happy.

In today’s hectic life styles, we hardly find time to spend with our families and friends. Engaging regularly in various outdoor activities can help you create much stronger bonds with your family and friends. You can interact and talk more with your friends and family while sharing the astonishing experiences of a different outdoor activity each time you go out.

Our lives are never smooth and secured; everyone comes across various difficult times in their lifetime. Taking the time to engage in simple outdoor recreations will not only help you mentally, but you will also find that it costs close to nothing. For example hiking does not cost anything when compared with cycling.

Extreme Outdoor Activities for Adults When Travelling

Extreme activities tend to limit the age range for those who can and cannot try it. You can qualify your kids to go paragliding or surfing but then there are also outdoor sports that are just not safe enough for them to try out. These are extreme outdoor activities for adults, and adults only. If you’re looking for that extra adrenaline rush then these five activities will be right up your alley. Just make sure to have comprehensive travel insurance to cover your bases.

Face-Down Rappelling

There’s rappelling and then there’s extreme rappelling. Regular rappelling is what you normally hear about – you’re locked to a rope that allows you to scale down a vertical mountain wall. Face-down rappelling, also referred to as Australian rappelling, takes the term extreme activities to a whole new level. Here you have the rope tied around your waist and you have to spread your limbs open as if you are skydiving. It is with this position that you scale down.

Deep Sea Diving

Travel account 4Your kids could go for a simple scuba dive, that is just barely off the shore. It can be fun and exciting but for adults you will want that extra chase of excitement and that is where deep sea diving comes in. You can explore a lot more underwater treasures and go a hundred metres below the surface to explore sunken ships and marvel at some of Nature’s eerily designed deep sea creatures.


Who said you are limited to jumping and swimming while on a holiday? Triathlons are some of the most extreme activities you can ever join (and your travel insurance probably won’t like them) and they will demand a lot from you. The events are: running, cycling, packing bags and swimming. You will have to plan this ahead of time since these activities require proper scheduling and gear.

Bungee Jumping

If there is any extreme activity that will really get your blood pumping, it is none other than bungee jumping. Many consider this as a great alternative to skydiving; when you skydive you only have a parachute to save you but with bungee jumping you at least get a rope to latch on to. That doesn’t mean it won’t be an exhilarating jump because it is, especially if you are jumping over a lake or other large bodies of water.

HAMC (High-Altitude Mountain Climbing)

Never underestimate mountain climbing. HAMC is one of the best extreme activities for adults, especially if you plan on scaling mountains like Mount Everest. Most people, even trained adults who do this kind of thing professionally, never get to the top of the world’s top five tallest mountains. It’s a great challenge for you and your friends and it is an experience you won’t ever forget.

Outdoor Camping Tips – How To Not Run Out Of Brilliant Ideas

Are you thinking of going outdoor camping sometime this year? Camping is always a safe bet when it comes to choosing recreational activities. Not only is it a good family friendly thing to do, but it also helps promote good health and appreciation for nature. If you are one of those people “planning” to go on an outdoor trip but do not have an idea what to do, what activities to engage in, where to go, and how to organize everything, consider the information presented in this article as a startup guide.

Some Interesting Facts About Camping

Outdoor camping, as a recreational activity, became popular in the early 20th century as a means for people to temporarily get away from the bustle of city life and explore nature. The reason why people go on outdoor trips has not changed since the beginning. In today’s modern economic and technological setting, people are more busy than ever. Camping is a more attractive and appealing option for people living in this generation who want to unwind in a place closer to nature.

Which Type Of Camper Are You?

There are two predominant types of people who go out on camping trips. The first one is the recreational type of camper. Recreational campers usually go outdoors just to relax, try things they have never done before, and view relaxing scenery. If you are more like the recreational type, make sure you choose camping spots that are more conducive to simple fun and has lesser possibilities for danger.

The second type of camper is the survivalist. A survivalist goes outdoors for a challenge and not just for the mere fun and relaxation of camping. Their idea of camping is to experience a sort of “Survivor” or “Lost” scenario. Are you a survivalist? If so, you should pick camping spots which are more challenging and that will give you a greater sense of danger. Make sure though, that you will take all the necessary precautions so that you and your companions will be safe.Travel account 1

Range of Camping Activities

First time campers usually run out of things to do on a camping trip. However, there are virtually limitless options and possible activities that you can engage in when you are outdoors:

You can go mountain or rock climbing. This is a physically strenuous activity that brings a lot of excitement and adrenaline to everyone involved. Fishing is another enjoyable outdoor activity that gives you and your fellow campers more chances to bond and talk.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, you can also try swimming, scuba diving or kayaking. There are so many options to choose from. All you have to do is explore the possibilities and be open to them.